The Advitech Group is a collection of science, engineering, technology and environmental companies that work together in synergy to support the operations and develop the assets of our customers in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

The Advitech Group is a leading provider of innovative technical solutions with a reputation for high quality services.

Innovation is at the core of The Advitech Group – from the products we offer clients, the services we provide and the methodologies we follow, to the structure of our companies and the internal processes and systems we use to manage them. We have created a culture of flexibility, adaptability and openness, where ideas are encouraged and nurtured, and innovation emerges gradually over time.

As in nature, our organisation is constantly evolving in response to the changing business environment. We began as a seven-person consulting business based in the Hunter region. Organic growth, expanded services and the creation and acquisition of a number of new businesses mean that today, we are a multi-faceted organisation with an increasing geographical spread across NSW and QLD. We are growing in strength every day.

Our integrated partnership currently includes:

The flagship of the Group, Advitech Pty Limited provides consulting services in engineering design and drafting, engineering support, project management, risk management and functional safety. Advitech delivers technical advice and expertise across all industry sectors, to support operations and contribute to new developments.

Advitech Environmental is a diverse team of scientists and engineers with over two decades of experience helping organisations manage their impacts on the environment. They offer services in all areas of the environment, including planning and assessment; culture and heritage; monitoring and reporting; sustainability and resource efficiency; and environmental engineering.

Advitech Shaw offers specialist engineering and drafting services to the coal processing industry. Formerly Shaw Engineering, Advitech Shaw has over 20 years experience in coal preparation and coal handling plants.

Novecom Pty Limited specialises in transforming complex problems and data into straightforward, relevant and real time business solutions for the mining, manufacturing, transport, construction and defence sectors. Recognised as a leader in the acquisition, reporting and integration of environmental and business data, Novecom offers a vital link between your business and world-class technology and innovation.

Hushpak Engineering Pty Limited specialises in noise control for the mining, manufacturing and construction industries. They design and manufacture bespoke noise attenuation solutions, with particular experience in mobile mine machinery and noisy industrial operations. Hushpak has also developed the unique Hushclad sound cladding product, which has proven to be an effective, affordable and durable sound barrier.

Acubis Technologies Pty Limited designs, deploys and maintains wireless networks and communication solutions for safety, production, environment and security applications. Acubis is a leading provider of mesh networking solutions, with particular expertise in developing robust systems suitable for operation in harsh and remote environments.

Simulation Modelling Services Pty Ltd (SMS) was established 1986 and has built a reputation as an industry leader in simulation modelling and decision support. SMS has successfully completed projects to improving the efficiency and profitability of companies in Australia, Africa, China, Middle East, New Zealand, North America South East Asia, and South America.

Advipac Manufacturing was created in 2013, strengthening bespoke manufacturing capabilities and helping customers solve safety and operational challenges.

Diverse Experience To Deliver Customised Functional Solutions

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The Advitech Group History & Development

The Advitech Group was born out of Advitech Pty Limited, which began as a division of Varley Engineering. It was incorporated as a separate company, Invartech Pty Limited, in January 1988, and was sold to management in November 1990. At inception the business consisted of 7 employees involved in drafting services and minor software development. To reinforce its independence, the Company name was changed to Advitech in September 1994.

Advitech continued to grow.  Capabilities gradually expanded to include a wide range of engineering services, project management, environmental services and high level software development.

Growth in information and communication technology skills lead to the incorporation of Novecom Pty Limited, who went on to develop its ground-breaking environmental monitoring system - SentineX.

In 2009, The Advitech Group was established with a vision for growth.  Hushpak Engineering Pty Limited was acquired and has gone on to further develop and refine its noise control solutions, including its revolutionary sound reduction cladding product - Hushclad.

Shaw Engineering was acquired in 2011, bringing significant experience in coal processing and materials handling to Advitech, under the banner Advitech Shaw.

The Advitech Environmental brand was created in 2012 to recognise significant growth in the environment and sustainability services offered by Advitech, including expansion into culture, heritage and archaeology services.

The acquisition of Acubis in 2013 furthered the Group's technology capabilities. This expansion provided the Group with an office presence extending from Sydney through to North Queensland.

The acquisition of Simulation Modelling Services in 2014, furthers the Group's vision for continued growth as a leader in professional services, and cemented our future as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) business.

The Advitech Group's vision for growth is ongoing - we strive for organic growth within each member company, and continue to seek potential new members offering niche solutions with a strong technology focus.

The Advitech Group - partners in innovation and technology.

Group Timeline

  • 1986 - Original business established as a business unit of G.H. Varley Pty Limited
  • 1988 - Incorporated as Invartech Pty Limited, providing engineering, drafting, project management, software development and risk services
  • 1990 - Company sold to management
  • 1993 - Environmental services group established
  • 1994 - Name change to Advitech Pty Limited
  • 1999 - Novecom Pty Limited incorporated
  • 2004 - Novecom's first SentineX prototype developed
  • 2009 - Creation of The Advitech Group
  • 2010 - Advitech and Novecom relocate to new, purpose-built Advitech Group headquarters
  • 2011 - Acquisition of Shaw Engineering, becoming 'Advitech Shaw'
  • 2011 - Archaeology and cultural heritage group established within Advitech
  • 2012 - Advitech Environmental brand created
  • 2013 - Acquisition of Acubis, becoming Acubis Technologies Pty Limited
  • 2013 - Advipac Manufacturing was created
  • 2014 - Acquisition of Simulation Modelling Services Pty Limited (SMS)
  • 2015 - Flashsafe portable remote racking prototype developed


Employment with The Advitech Group offers opportunity, challenge and flexibility

The Advitech Group is a firm believer that our people are the reason for our success. We strive to be an employer of choice and operate in a manner that encourages attraction and retention of the best people in high specialised fields, by:

- promoting open and honest communication

- managing staff in a transparent manner

- offering flexible working options

- maintaining a comfortable, friendly and harmonious working environment

- actively encouraging continued professional development

Our multi-disciplinary team of technical professionals work together and utilise their specialised skills and industry experience to deliver real, practical and innovative solutions to our customers.

If you are interested in employment with The Advitech Group, please visit our various company recruitment pages for information on the positions currently available. We also advertise on major recruitment websites such as 'seek'.

Can't see a suitable position? Feel free to get in touch anyway! We welcome the opportunity to hear from skilled professionals who may bring something to our group in the future.

Sharing knowledge and research to create a space where innovation can thrive and results rule


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