Our Management Team

Jeremy Pola

Managing Director

Jeremy, an environmental scientist, has brought extensive experience in the areas of environmental monitoring, assessment and planning within the mining and heavy industry sectors to Novecom. He has been instrumental in the development of Novecom’s SentineX remote monitoring and reporting platform, an industry-leading real-time environmental monitoring system for mining, manufacturing, construction and transport applications.

Jeremy has more than 20 years’ experience in environmental management across the mining, minerals processing, transport, construction and consulting sectors. His knowledge has developed through industry, corporate and consulting roles, giving him a unique perspective on the business imperatives of technology development and application. He fosters a culture of customer focused innovation and continuous improvement.

Jeremy drives the Novecom team of specialist developers and system integrators to aspire to be leaders in advanced technology. He is responsible for all aspects of Novecom’s operations, including the management of the company’s development, production and maintenance teams. He also works closely with Novecom’s clients to recommend and implement the best solutions for their remote environmental data acquisition and reporting needs.

With a Bachelor of Science (First-Class Honours) and Advanced Diploma in Management, Jeremy’s specific strengths and expertise are in ideation and technology application, problem solving and data analytics.

Darren Hennessy

Lead Analyst/Developer
Darren Hennessy

Darren leads software development and system integration at Novecom. His key responsibility is the management and ongoing development of Novecom’s SentineX platform. Darren has also implemented and maintained numerous Linux based systems and custom software solutions for fellow Emergent Group companies and clients, including network design projects for the Department of Defence FFG Frigate Upgrade project. With a Bachelor of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Certificate, Darren has a long history in the IT field starting in the Systems Engineering department at BHP in the 1980s. His extensive skillset includes network design and systems engineering (MS Windows Server, Linux and TCP/IP network architecture), software development (C, C++, Python, Lotus Notes and SQL), database management (MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite), web servers (Apache, Cherokee) and front-end web development (HTML, PHP, Django and Javascript). In his role as Lead Developer, Darren most enjoys understanding specific needs or challenges that Novecom’s clients face and developing a technology solution to solve it.

Stacy Walker

Project Engineer

Stacy is responsible for the technical oversight and direction of Novecom’s product development and support. He is an accomplished engineer with the ability to analyse, specify and deliver projects to meet the exacting needs of stakeholders and ensure that quality outcomes and lasting value are embedded in all solutions. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computers) and Certificate IV in Project Management and has held systems engineer and lead engineer roles on a variety of projects requiring the integration of hardware and software systems, development of bespoke software, human machine interfaces and technical documentation for complicated systems. Stacy plays a key role in product development and R&D within Novecom, drawing on his strong skills in process improvement, systems engineering, technical feasibility assessment, and interface management. In addition to formal engineering practice, he is involved hands-on in integration, configuration, and onsite installation work. He brings exceptional technical discipline that ensures customer expectations are achieved.

Barry Jacobs

Quality Assurance Engineer
Barry Jacobs

Barry is responsible for asset management across Novecom’s product and service offering. He leads Novecom’s field maintenance team and developed the Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS) to support manufacturing, field maintenance, calibration and client facing report systems. Barry operates Novecom’s customer help desk and supports customers through daily monitoring and triage of faults, coordination of maintenance and repair, and reporting on calibration and maintenance activities. He also performs regular data validity and performance analysis to monitor the effectiveness of maintenance systems, measure failure rates, identify common failure modes, and provide compliance metrics for customers. Barry has a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and a background in marine engineering, with strong hands-on skills in engineering, auditing, risk assessment, spreadsheet development and reporting. He is the first port of call for many of Novecom’s customers and loves to use his superior attention to detail to ensure that everything is in order and running smoothly.