What we deliver

Unlocking valuable organisational intelligence

Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians work across varying sectors to deploy and maintain the most effective platform or solution to enable our clients to gain real-time insights, unlock valuable organisational intelligence and maximise opportunities for improvement.

Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the right technical outcome for your business.

person at computer looking at monitoring data

Remote Environmental Monitoring

Novecom works closely with clients to provide innovative, data-driven solutions for their remote environmental monitoring needs. From noise, air quality, dust and water to weather monitoring and blast vibration analysis, our SentineX and SynaptiX platforms offer a range of options.

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Industrial IoT

Novecom’s SynaptiX platform brings IoT to life for our industrial, mining and agriculture customers. Our solutions integrate low-cost sensing devices with our IoT Cloud to deliver digital intelligence to your fingertips in real time and enable you to better manage your assets and resources.

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Data Analytics

Let us help you tap into the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks to uncover insights from your volumes of monitoring data.

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Traffic Monitoring

Change driver behaviour, improve road safety, reduce speeding and monitor traffic with Novecom’s traffic monitoring solution.

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System Integration

Novecom is a leading system integrator for sensor-based monitoring and reporting systems that deliver trusted information for evidence-based decision making and optimisation of your operations.

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