Industrial IoT

Make the most of your data with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions

Integrating compact, low-cost, low-power sensor devices with our SynaptiX IoT platform, Novecom brings IoT to life for our industrial, mining and agriculture customers. Our solutions deliver digital intelligence to your fingertips in real time to enable you to better understand your operations and respond efficiently and effectively to changing circumstances. Monitor and manage your high value assets and maintain regulatory compliance with the SynaptiX product ecosystem.

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Asset Management

Ensure the optimal performance of your fleet or machinery, protect your critical equipment from theft or failure, and reduce your downtime to achieve lower operating costs with affordable IoT solutions from Novecom.

Through advanced monitoring capabilities and intelligent reporting, our SynaptiX Asset Management System (SAMS) makes asset management simpler than ever. SAMS allows you to ingest data from a multitude of remote monitoring devices to understand the data they gather and the status of your monitoring equipment.

Benefits of Novecom’s asset management solutions:
  • Powerful real-time insights into your operations and machinery
  • Purpose-built to endure harsh and remote conditions
  • User-friendly dashboards for data analysis by non-technical teams
  • Enhanced protection of your assets with email or SMS notifications
  • Track the location of assets as they move around your site with a full map view
  • Remote control capabilities and GPS tracking
  • Integrate safety camera feeds and multiple data sources
  • Eliminate unsafe or ineffective practices and safeguard against faults
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment options available
  • SAMS in vendor neutral and supports multiple equipment types

Resource Management

SynaptiX LID has been developed to meet the specifications of the NSW floodplain harvesting measurement policy. The local intelligence device (LID) is configured for interfacing with approved SDI-12 storage metering devices and data submission to the NSW DPIE data acquisition service (DAS).

Sensing and Data Acquisition

Novecom’s SynaptiX platform is a versatile solution for many different sensing and data acquisition applications.

Bespoke monitoring solutions can include:
  • Local weather
  • Dam and tank level
  • Rainfall
  • Soil moisture
  • Many other applications!

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