Data Analytics

Tap into the power of artificial intelligence

Novecom taps into the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks to uncover insights for our clients. Data acquisition and reporting platforms generate significant data libraries, which our team of scientists and technologists can translate into valuable insights with actionable information. Novecom’s solutions include prediction, forecasting and in-depth analysis tools (e.g. asset availability, percentage uptime, data validity, percentage data captured), helping you plan for greater efficiencies and productivity.

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graphic representing acoustic profile

Our AiCoustics technology is the first time artificial intelligence has been integrated with a noise monitoring system to automate noise recognition. It is designed to help mining and industrial operators to cut misclassified noise and improve productivity by reducing unnecessary actions in response to extraneous noise. Automated noise source identification is achieved in real time, enabling an effective and appropriate response to identified noises.

The AiCoustics Classifier is a machine learning based software application that runs in real-time onboard a SentineX noise monitoring system to automatically identify noise and differentiate between environmental and manufactured noise. Once trained for your particular noise environment, it automatically classifies each noise source and applies immediate modifying factors to your noise results, enabling you to better understand your noise impacts. The classifier’s capabilities include tonality assessment and low frequency noise assessment.

Deployed on several mines across Australia, The Classifier is a tool that can assist mining and other industries – such as rail, aviation and construction – to achieve compliance, reduce operational costs and better manage noise impacts.

  • Optimisation of real-time monitoring protocols
  • Productivity improvements through minimisation of ‘false alarms’ and unnecessary interventions
  • Less human resources devoted to noise source analysis, freeing up time to focus on operational control
  • Identifies which sources are contributing to noise levels, providing you with the knowledge to adjust your operations to suit