Low-cost, low-energy, customised industrial IoT solutions

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Bring IoT to life for your industrial, mining or agricultural operation with Novecom’s SynaptiX IoT platform. SynaptiX IoT is a full-scale data acquisition and telemetry platform within a powerful, compact, low-power IoT module. With the option to integrate many different sensing devices with a SynaptiX Collector, our end-to-end platform can be customised to solve your remote and distributed sensor-based monitoring and control challenges.

Supporting the platform is our SynaptiX Cloud service, which receives your sensing data and delivers digital intelligence to your fingertips in real time.

SynaptiX IoT will enable you to better understand your operations and respond efficiently and effectively to changing circumstances. Monitor and manage your high value assets and maintain regulatory compliance with the SynaptiX product ecosystem.

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SynaptiX Collector

The versatile SynaptiX Collector is the core of our IoT platform. It can be integrated with a wide range of off-the-shelf sensors to suit your requirements.

Some bespoke monitoring examples include:
  • Local weather
  • Dam and tank levels
  • Rainfall
  • Soil moisture

To talk to us about how SynaptiX can meet your needs, call +61 2 4924 5460.

SynaptiX BVM

blast vibration monitor solar powered unit

SynaptiX BVM (Blast Vibration Monitor) was built specifically for the mining sector to capture and report mine blast data. SynaptiX BVM gives you the confidence that your blast events are monitored and reported, and the SynaptiX Cloud gives you immediate access to your blast information, enabling you to maintain compliance with your stringent environmental conditions.

Example data points:
  • Peak particle velocity
  • P, S and R profiles
  • Overpressure
  • Date and time
  • Location

SynaptiX Tracker

synaptix iot collector tracker

SynaptiX Tracker is configured to track your assets, monitor their performance, and manage your asset operation risks. Built for the harsh demands of mining, agriculture and construction sites, you can be sure that SynaptiX will go the distance. Access your monitoring data in a simple and accessible format from your mobile device via out SynaptiX Cloud.

Applications include:
  • Lighting plant
  • Diesel pumps
  • Solar-battery power skids
  • Radio communication trailers
Example data points:
  • Location
  • Run time
  • Battery charge
  • Fuel level

SynaptiX LID

Local Intelligence Device solar powered unit

Synaptix LID (Local Intelligence Device) has been developed to meet the specifications of the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Measurement Policy to help you record and transmit water take data in real time. The LID is configured to interface with approved SDI-12 storage metering devices and data submission to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) Data Acquisition Service (DAS).

Benefits of SynaptiX LID:
  • Turnkey, plug and play
  • Minimal onsite integration required
  • Integrated solar panel means it is service-ready straight out of the box
  • Fully configured prior to shipping to the DQP
  • Awakes from transit mode with a button press sequence
  • LID connects to the storage metering device with the recommended cable adapter