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SynaptiX Connect – Part of the SynaptiX IIoT Ecosystem

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Don’t be put off by the lack of mobile phone coverage across your property. Local sensor and communication networks can still operate without mobile phone coverage. Granted you need a internet gateway however there a many options to address this.

SynaptiX Connect (Mesh) technology will deliver benefits to your IoT network by extending the range of coverage for your sensor network without the expensive infrastructure overheads of towers, repeaters, and power supplies.

Seamlessly integrated in to the robust SynaptiX Collector, the LoRa radio modules and software are ready to go out of the box. A powerful all-in-one IoT sensor node with a full connectivity solution on board.

If your need extends to higher data rates for voice or video, SynaptiX Connect (Wi-Fi) brings next generation HaLow technology, delivering long range, lower power outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity designed to serve critical safety and communication needs..

SynaptiX Connect (Wi-Fi) integrates Wi-Fi HaLow with the SynaptiX product ecosystem to enable seamless connectivity between IP connected devices and the internet. Connect your sensors, actuators, security cameras and people.

Monitor dam or tank levels, pumps and water meters, irrigations systems, have remote eyes on your fuel tanks and other assets. Make Wi-Fi calls across the SynaptiX Connect network to assist with worker safety and productivity.

If connectivity has been a barrier to your technology pathway, then SynaptiX Connect can assist you.

SynaptiX IIoT – Integrated sensor and communication networks for your property.

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