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SynaptiX solution to digital monitoring

DECISION making is better when you know what’s going on.

Novecom’s SynaptiX IoT solutions provide a fully integrated, robust, and cost-effective monitoring and connectivity solution for farms.

Novecom Pty Ltd. managing director, Jeremy Pola, believes that one of the biggest barriers to taking the leap into on-farm digital technologies is the lack of reliable and affordable connectivity.

“Being able to work with a single solution provider for all your farm monitoring needs provides efficiency when it comes to equipment selection, installation and most importantly after sales support,” he said.

“Whether it is for meeting the requirements of your water licence, reducing labour costs for checking bores and tanks, or helping you implement water efficiency measures, SynaptiX is the answer.

“We wanted to understand and address the barriers to digital technology uptake in agriculture, so we consulted with farmers and service providers, especially irrigators and water managers as part of the development process.

“We are committed to an ongoing relationship with our customers to ensure their continued satisfaction with their investment.”

Novecom is an approved vendor for storage monitoring systems for the NSW government and a trusted supplier to irrigators and certified storage meter installers for managing floodplain water harvesting and irrigation scheme operation.

Mr Pola said Novecom could integrate consumers existing flow or level sensors or could supply a complete solution from the ground up, including data collection, connectivity, and data analytics.

“Novecom’s LoRa mesh communication solution (SynaptiX MESH) is fully integrated with the SynaptiX platform and provides an opportunity to overcome cellular and NBN blackspots without any ongoing carrier costs,” he said.

Without reliable and robust connectivity, any investment in digital monitoring technology will not deliver outcomes.


This article is reproduced from ‘Queensland Country Life‘ 14 December 2023