Environmental Monitoring, IIoT and Smart Sensor Networks

Operational intelligence for informed decisions

Novecom develops customised sensor-based networks for gaining real-time insights into the operational environment. Our innovative software platforms help businesses across the mining, manufacturing, agribusiness, transport and construction sectors manage their environmental data acquisition, analysis and reporting.


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Remote Environmental Monitoring

Industry leading solutions for real-time remote environmental monitoring of noise, air quality, dust, water, weather monitoring and blast vibration.

Industrial IoT

Integrate low-cost sensing devices with our SynaptiX® IoT Cloud to better monitor and manage your assets and resources.

Data Analytics

Unlock value from your volumes of sensing and monitoring data to improve efficiency and productivity, with automated prediction, forecasting and analysis tools developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Traffic Monitoring

Change driver behaviour, improve road safety, reduce speeding and monitor traffic with Novecom’s traffic monitoring solution Intercepta®.

System Integration

Integrate your systems, devices and data with custom solutions from Novecom.

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Innovation emerges under the right conditions

The Advitech Group has long been established in the Hunter as a trusted collaboration of specialised engineering, environmental and technical sciences companies. For over 30 years the Group has been…

Novecom SentineX unit converted to mobile trailer

Novecom have been building SentineX units for over 10 years. Many of the original H frame units are being removed from their fixed locations and converted to trailer units. This…

Novecom’s achievements recognised by NSW Mining

Novecom was thrilled to receive a winner’s trophy at the NSW Mining Industry & Suppliers Awards held in Sydney on 20 November 2014. As winners in the ‘Small Business Achievement’…
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Artificial intelligence: The future of environmental monitoring

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Novecom’s existing environmental monitoring devices can ‘talk’ with one another in the field, learn from their environment, and implement that learning to improve your company’s decision making process.

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Newcastle 500 Noise Monitoring

Newcastle will come alive for the Newcastle 500 and so will the noise levels from our live streamed noise monitoring throughout the event. During the Newcastle 500, NOVECOM will be…
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Ask not what IoT is, but what it can do for you!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is perceived to mean many different things to many people. When it comes down to it the definition is not that important. What is important…

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We help our agribusiness clients innovate for the future to produce quality products in a competitive way.

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System Integration

Novecom is a leading system integrator for sensor-based monitoring and reporting systems that deliver trusted information for evidence-based decision making and optimisation of your operations.

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Leveraging the diverse capabilities of Emergent Group, Novecom has the technology to deliver advanced solutions to meet a wide variety of missions across sea, air and land.

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We support your infrastructure project through environmental monitoring, compliance and site communications.

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Novecom helps manufacturers monitor and manage their operations through our range of monitoring and industrial IoT solutions. Meet your environmental responsibilities, maintain compliance and protect your critical assets.

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We support your open cut or underground mining projects through robust monitoring and industrial IoT solutions.

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Novecom offers a range of monitoring solutions to air, rail and road operators.

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