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How to improve road safety on mine and industrial sites

Speeding is the leading cause of vehicle accidents, collisions and rollovers in mining operations.  It’s a fact – better road safety begins with education.

To encourage improved driver behaviour on mine and industrial sites, Australian company Novecom developed the new generation Intercepta Smart Radar Camera, an advanced mobile wireless speed monitoring and driver education system. Intercepta offers real-time alert features and is designed to educate, encourage and enforce better driver behaviour.

Novecom Managing Director Jeremy Pola said Intercepta, recently showcased at the NSW Mining Health Safety and Environment Conference, is attracting attention from a number of large mining companies. Yet it’s a system that could benefit a range of worksites in the transport, construction and infrastructure sectors, that experience speed management challenges.

How does it promote compliance?

“The mining companies that currently have Intercepta in operation are committed to encouraging safer driving on the roads within and connected to their sites; and to improving the compliance of drivers to speed limits to reduce risks.

“Intercepta is a tool that measures your speed with a radar, shows a local display of your speed, and captures photographic evidence of any breaches of speed limits,” Jeremy said.

“The encouragement is, that if you do the wrong thing, you will see your speed displayed and a safety representative or site manager will come and speak with you. For each speeding event, an infringement package is generated that goes directly to the site manager.”

Intercepta has led to measurable improvements in the number of speeding infringements detected and consequently the amount of time required to deliver the safe driving message.

What are the benefits of Intercepta?

  1. Real time speed monitoring, better risk-management: Alerts both driver and management to speeding infringements for immediate action, providing you the opportunity to encourage better driving behaviours.
  2. Cost effective compliance: Reduces the inefficiencies of downtime caused by speed-related accidents. Intercepta’s continuous, autonomous operation provides you with only the infringement events that require action.
  3. Designed for mobility: Mobility is key for roadside monitoring. Rapidly set up Intercepta for immediate monitoring on roadways across your site. Readily locate your asset with inbuilt GPS tracking.
  4. Durable technology: Intercepta is mine site compliant and built to operate remotely and in harsh environmental conditions.
  5. Always-on monitoring: Solar powered for 24/7 monitoring, with infrared illumination for night surveillance.

More than road safety

“The beauty is that this technology is not just for improving driver behaviour – it can also be used to collect data on traffic numbers and volumes to assist in understanding and scheduling shifts, road works and closures.

“We’ve recently produced two of the new generation Intercepta units and they have gone to a site near Gunnedah to assist them with managing how people drive haul trucks.

“It’s not necessarily because the speeds are unsafe. It’s because some of the speeds result in additional braking requirements, which then in turn have mechanical and wear issues on those machines.

“So, they are trying to capture some information on driver behaviour because it’s costing them money in the maintenance of that equipment.”

The solution for site traffic intelligence

Intercepta has been successful in reducing the amount of speeding events on mine sites. It is also effective on industrial and construction sites where a large volume of transient traffic is coming to and from your site. When safety is paramount in the workplace, Intercepta Smart Radar Camera delivers reliable and valuable operational intelligence.

Contact Novecom on 4924 5460 to learn more about Intercepta Smart Radar Camera.