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Noise localisation – QuattroSound™ directional noise monitoring system


Novecom’s client was a large open-cut coal mine operator with a variety of noise concerns related to its location within an area with a high concentration of mining activity, heavy industry and residential properties.


Due to the heavy concentration of industry in the area where the client is located, noise emissions must be carefully managed. There are a variety of sound sources in the area, including several competing mines. The client needed to proactively monitor these sound sources in order to better assess and address their own noise output.

The traditional method of monitoring is to perform on-the-ground assessment using a hand-held device, then subjectively assigning a contribution from each active source. This is a labour intensive method which is constrained to short and infrequent samples. The client approached Novecom in search of a better solution.


After consultation with the client and an assessment of the contribution factors, our team from Novecom developed and implemented the QuattroSound Directional Noise Monitoring System.

QuattroSound is a state-of-the-art monitoring system to help with the measurement and assessment of complex noise environments. The compact array of five microphones and proprietary software enables accurate and timely assessment of noise sources. It determines the intensity and relative direction of various noises to paint an accurate picture of the output of nearby sound sources.

The unit is self contained and mobile, featuring solar power and a trailer mounted design. The unit is easy to move and can therefore be installed in problem areas as required. By placing the unit in situ in the community, it is able to collect data specific to individual noise concerns. While being both flexible and cost-effective, it collects data continuously and provides better quality information than traditional methods.


After installation of QuattroSound, our client has access to real-time data and a more in-depth knowledge of the surrounding environment and the relative contribution of various noise sources. This gives our client the ability to manage specific noise issues as well as understand other noise sources impacting on the environment.

Data from the QuattroSound system was used in a variety of ways across the facility, including feedback to operations and to the community. The data is transformed into easy to understand metrics and visual displays, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways to report and manage noise levels. As well as simply addressing community concerns and issues of compliance, the data helped the client to go above and beyond in their efforts to reduce noise output whilst optimising productivity.

installing sentinex quattrosound unit
noise radar chart

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