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Novecom SentineX unit converted to mobile trailer

Novecom have been building SentineX units for over 10 years. Many of the original H frame units are being removed from their fixed locations and converted to trailer units. This gives mine sites the flexibility to place the SentineX units in the most ideal locations to ensure compliance.

The process involves the decommissioning of the H frame unit system, removal of all parts and then their reuse on the trailer where possible. Being of a modular design, most of the components are easily reused because the H frame unit and trailer units utilise many of the same elements. The trailer is fitted out in the Novecom workshop located in Newcastle, rigorously tested for a fortnight or longer if possible then recommissioned as a portable unit. Shorter testing time can be done if the customer is keen to get the unit back in place for their compliance monitoring. Novecom has multiple portable noise hire units, including a portable non trailer based directional QuattroSound Noise monitor. One of these units can be used to do compliance monitoring whilst the H frame unit is being converted to enable continuity of compliance monitoring.

Click here for more information on Sentinex, or email Jeremy Pola.