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We’ve formalised our commitment to respond to every applicant

In our search for the best people to work for Emergent Group companies, we’ve always been committed to reviewing and responding to every applicant.

A timely response to each applicant is the least we can do considering the time and effort our prospective employees take to apply for a role with us.

Most of us, at one or more points in our professional lives, have been in the somewhat nervous position of waiting for a response from a prospective employer. Not hearing back can be quite demoralising, particularly at such a vulnerable time as when seeking employment.

The Circle Back Initiative has been created to improve the experience of candidates when submitting a job application. When we learned about the Initiative, it made perfect sense for us to join other reputable organisations who share our values and commitment.

We can now proudly say we are a Circle Back Initiative Employer, formalising our commitment to respond to every applicant.

The Initiative is a collection of Employers and Recruitment and Staffing Agencies who commit to a set of guiding standards on candidate communication.

If you apply for a position with one of our companies, you can be confident that you will be treated with respect and that you’ll definitely hear back from us.

For more information, see the Circle Back Initiative website.