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A large manufacturing logistics provider
Road safety is a shared responsibility. As part of their proactive safety culture, a large manufacturing logistics provider based in Brisbane approached our Novecom team for assistance with the roll-out of a new traffic management plan.


As a logistics provider, the company utilises their own fleet of heavy vehicles and supplements transport requirements with other carriers through sub-contractor arrangements.

To minimise risks to the health and safety of any persons driving on-site, the Brisbane based company implemented a modification to their existing traffic management plan. This modification focused on reducing the speed of drivers on-site. To effectively implement change, the customer recognised they needed a way to measure current performance.


To ensure a successful implementation of the traffic plan, the client needed a solution that would monitor driver compliance. Novecom were approached by the client to utilise our Intercepta Smart Radar Camera.

Intercepta is a mobile speed camera and electronic message board that enables driver behaviour to be measured and managed. Operating day and night (24 hrs), Intercepta is the only commercial speed radar camera trailer of its kind in Australia. It is powered by a smart video processor that connects to the cloud via the 3G/4G network.

Operating with a mobile communication trailer, Intercepta encompasses a suite of technologies which monitor and record traffic as well as individual vehicle data. Infringement emails are sent to nominated email addresses when a speeding event occurs. The email contains an attached video file detailing the speed, location and time of the traffic event.

The intelligent software delivers advanced data analytics and customised reports, helping HSE Managers to monitor compliance and improve safety. For this client, reports from Intercepta allowed management to identify the percentage of staff who were complying with safe driving standards established by the organisation and identify areas for further improvement.


Information supplied by the Intercepta allowed our client to measure driver compliance and reinforce the required changes to driver behaviour.