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Jeremy Pola celebrates 15 years with Novecom

Jeremy Pola started with Advitech as an Environmental Scientist. During his first six years Jeremy was integral in the development of the SentineX platform and its use for real-time environmental monitoring. SentineX is an embedded software application that manages the acquisition, aggregation, reporting and communication of continuous monitoring data.

As Novecom’s Manager, Jeremy has developed a strong and dedicated team to grow the business and deliver value to its customers. Novecom is an industry leader in the development and application of real-time monitoring systems. This includes environmental noise, air quality, automatic weather stations, wind monitoring, water quality monitoring, dust control systems and temperature inversion.

We asked Jeremy about his career highlights. He said, “Novecom used to be just about environmental monitoring, but now, it’s so much more. Today our team of software experts, system integrators and technicians deliver real-time management systems to ensure our customers are able to make data driven decisions. As a result, they can manage the risks of an ever increasing focus on industry accountability and its social licence to operate. I am proud of how the SentineX platform has earnt a key role in the operational management of many of our customers business’s.

Being part of the Advitech Group has allowed us to expand our capabilities and learn from other companies within the Group. In fact, the development of our Intercepta Speed Radar Camera is a true collaborative effort involving engineering design by Advitech, customer application input from Acubis and software and system integration by Novecom. We are looking forward to the benefits this will bring to our customers as they educate, encourage and enforce better driver behaviour.”