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World Engineering Day – Meet our people

This Friday 4 March is World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. We thought it was a great opportunity to talk to our people about what led them to engineering as a career, what excites them about it and what engineering for sustainable development means to them.

Sam – Mechatronics Engineer, Novecom

Meet Sam who is a Mechatronics Engineer with Emergent Group company Novecom. Sam was inspired by a teacher and University of Newcastle Open Day to pursue engineering. When he interviewed with Emergent Group company Advitech, he was snapped up by Novecom for his strong electronics background.

Glenn – Electrical Engineer, Emergent Group

Meet Glenn who is Executive Director, Strategy and Innovation at Emergent Group. Glenn, an electrical engineer with a PhD is a recognised leader in Australia’s renewable energy sector. Glenn is tasked with identifying how Emergent Group’s world-class engineering and science expertise can be brought to solve the biggest challenges of Australia’s new energy industries.