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Engineering and Maths students bring a special energy to Emergent Group

Emergent group companies Advitech and Novecom are participating in The University of Newcastle’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, with five students joining us this year.

The University developed the program to facilitate real on-the-job experience for their students. These powerful experiences happen in partnership with industry, community, and government. The University is encouraging its students to forge strong relationships that prepare them not only for their future workplace, but also for life after they graduate.

Dr Hamish Waterer, a mathematician with Advitech, is coordinating the program for Emergent Group. Having worked in the higher education sector for many years, he sees the value in such educational programs.

“We are really keen to have Work Integrated Learning students join us at Emergent Group.

“The benefits are mutual, as the students are learning on the job, enhancing their own skills, and at the same time bringing fresh and diverse perspectives to the work we do,” said Dr Waterer.

The five students, all from the University’s College of Engineering, Science and Environment, bring a range of skills to their work with Emergent Group and are applying those skills in some frontier areas of science and engineering.

Pictured clockwise from top left:

Toby is a Computer Science student, majoring in Software Development. He is working on applications of augmented reality to assist in work done by site teams. He aims to develop an application to demonstrate the value of integrating augmented reality into their workflow.

Chris is in his final year of a Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in Software Development. He’s working on a project to develop a web scraper to mine publicly available emissions data and investigate whether this data can be used to predict future emissions.

Lachlan is a final year Mathematics student majoring in pure and applied mathematics. He is researching complex temporal-spatial models to trace green energy production and consumption in electrical grids.

Josh is a Computer Science student majoring in computer systems and robotics. He is working on a project to optimise frameworks for the development and operation of automated sound classification in real-world environmental monitoring.

Teigen is studying Computer Science, majoring in Cyber Security. She is developing an augmented reality application for Novecom’s remote monitoring of equipment to assist with the maintenance process.

Depending on which course the student is studying, they will spend either 140 or 240 hours working with Emergent Group. They will have a dedicated mentor to work with, as well as opportunities to interact with other employees who can help with specific aspects of their projects.

Emergent Group is excited to provide this opportunity for these students and will reap the benefits as each student learns and grows professionally with the guidance of our experienced employees.

We intend to continue with this valuable program next year and will offer a new suite of interesting and challenging WIL opportunities to students in 2024.