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Novecom and Wyld Networks sign an agreement to deliver satellite IoT in rural Australia

Sensor, connectivity and data analytics company Novecom will deploy Wyld Connect to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) data utilising Low Earth Orbiting satellite connectivity in Australia.

Novecom facilitate the management of environmental monitoring and sensor-based networks across the mining, renewable energy, manufacturing, agribusiness, transport and construction sectors. Novecom help businesses understand their data and make informed decisions by taking the complexity out of data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

Wyld and Novecom will initially address edge case communications on a large scale rural water monitoring project where Low Earth Orbiting satellite connectivity will deliver data for sensors outside of the range of current available networks.

“Meeting IoT connectivity needs in the majority of the earth’s surface is only possible utilising low earth orbit satellites,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks. “We are delighted to be partnering with Novecom, one of Australia’s leading IoT companies, to deliver this connectivity.”

“Connectivity is the key constraint to the deployment of successful IoT networks in rural Australia”, said Jeremy Pola, MD Novecom. “The partnership with Wyld Networks will provide opportunity to deliver connectivity to the most remote locations in Australia.”

About Wyld Networks AB

Wyld Networks develop and sell innovative wireless technology solutions that enable affordable connectivity anywhere in the World, addressing the problems for businesses and people regarding the lack of global mobile network coverage. The solutions are mainly targeted to wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and people.

Wyld Networks Ltd was formed in Cambridge, UK in 2016 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyld Networks AB.

This article was adapted from the Wyld Networks media release, 21 September 2023.